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What Type of Event Planners Are there? Find Your Niche

Event planner coordinate all aspects of professional meetings and events. Learn about the different types of event planners and what they do!

15 Creative Event Marketing Ideas To Try At Your Next Event

Learn how to promote your event creatively without breaking the bank. Here are 15 creative event marketing ideas to promote your next event!

Tips to Position and Word an Event Cancellation Notice

Have no way out but to cancel an event? Here’s how you can word & position the cancellation notice gracefully to minimize the damage!

8 Field Marketing Strategy Ideas to Crush 2022

Field marketing looks a lot different in 2022. Here are 8 Field Marketing Strategy Ideas to help you navigate the 2022 landscape. Check out!

11 Questions You Should Ask On Your Pre Event Planning Questionnaire

Thoughtful planning can make any event successful. A pre-event planning questionnaire can help optimize and event. Read to learn more!

How to Find a Great Venue - 5 Things to Keep in Mind

Looking for a great venue is always challenging. You have to think about many things and want to make your event great. Learn more!

Everything that You Should Know About CES - 15 Things to Do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a city with seemingly endless possibilities. And when the CES tech event comes to town, you need to make the most of your visit!

The Ultimate Guide To CES 2022 In Las Vegas

Excited that CES is finally back to an in-person event? So are we! If you’re looking forward to CES 2022, here’s a guide for you to get the best out of it!

What is Corporate Gifting? How Do Corporate Gifts Work as a Business Booster?

Corporate gifting is a great way of motivating your employees. Learn everything about corporate gifting here. Read on.

How To Get Local Event Sponsors: 8 Easy Tips

You want an event sponsorship, but what does a sponsor want from you? Learn other ins and outs. Let us guide you on how to get sponsors for an event!

How To Plan An Event: The Ultimate Guide

A successful event attracts attendees who are looking for more than just another event. Get to know the ins and outs of event planning.

8 Core Promotion Ideas For Your Next Marketing Event

Event marketing can be a challenge for organizers. We’ve rounded up the best ways to promote your next marketing event.

Top 8 Questions to Ask a Venue When Planning an Event

Choosing the perfect venue is crucial for event success. Discover the top 8 questions one needs to ask a venue when choosing an event.

The 15 Best Ways To Promote And Advertise For Your Next Event

Want more exposure to your event? You need to promote it. If you don’t know how to advertise an event, check out this guide!

8 Tips To Successfully Host A Networking Event At A Conference

Networking events can be a game-changer for you. You may be new to conference networking but here are tips on how to network at a conference!

The 2022 Guide On How To Host An Amazing SXSW Event

When you throw an event like SXSW; It's obviously challenging to put together. We are here to give you the best guide to feel stress-free.

How to Plan an In-Person Offsite or Corporate Retreat Right Now

As companies slowly transition into their new realities many employers are looking to safely gather the troops again. Learn what hospitality pros advise when planning for a safe in-person gathering of your team at a company offsite or corporate retreat.

7 Ways to Make Your Next Virtual Event More Accessible

Just as the events industry has adapted to the rise in virtual, so too has the disability community, introducing creative, innovative solutions that make digital events accessible and engaging for all.
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