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How to Successfully Incorporate Sponsors Into Your Virtual Event

Because virtual events offer easier access to data and analytics (which are like digital gold to partners), they can actually be more valuable than in-person events.

Special Delivery: How to Use Swag to Engage Virtual Event Attendees

Now that most events are virtual, corresponding at-home mailers are becoming increasingly important to engage potential attendees, give them a sense of what to expect, and help spread the word.

46 Virtual Team Building Activities

Industry experts share their tips and things to keep in mind when planning a virtual team building experience.

How to Budget for a Virtual Event

Virtual events might seem like a money-saving option (and the only option for some due to the COVID-19 pandemic), they can end up costing almost as much as IRL events.

Your Avatar Is Cordially Invited: How to Use Virtual Reality Platforms for Events

As demand for more virtual event tech increases, platforms that mimic the feeling of being in a physical space through the use of avatars, virtual reality, and more are leveling up.

6 Tips for How to Improve Audience Engagement in Virtual Events

With the rise in virtual events, we’re more digitally connected than ever. We asked some industry pros to offer their advice about creating and fostering community to keep attendees engaged with the event content as well as with each other.

Gamification Tips & Ideas for Virtual Events

The concept of gamification doesn’t just apply to avid Fortnite players and Mario Bros. fans. Here, we break down some gamification ideas for virtual events and how you can implement them into your upcoming game plan, so to speak.

Launching our Guide to Virtual Event Services & Experiences

Browse our directory of virtual event services and experiences for you to hire for your event.

A Guide for Producing Successful Digital Events

While a virtual event will be a different experience, with the right kind of preparation and platform, you can turn this “problem” into an entirely original experience that accomplishes your objectives.

SEO for Event Pros

SEO: that thing that you know you’re supposed to care about but...it always seems to drop on your priority list when compared to your PR strategy and building an...

How the Coronavirus Is Affecting Event Pros

As the coronavirus outbreak forces mass event cancellations and postponements, the industry faces economic damage and uncertainty

7 Crisis Management Strategies for Event Professionals

We spoke with Frank Supovitz, seasoned event planner and crisis management specialist. In light of the coronavirus, he shares 7 pieces of advice.

Coronavirus: A Guide for the Event Industry

We hope you find this guide helpful as you consider next steps for events-in-progress and scheduled future events. Here are strategies for decision-making, communication, event insurance, digital solutions, and more.

9 Practices For Environmentally Sustainable Corporate Events

We've collected advice from leaders in the corporate events industry—from catering to production, from fabrications to florals. Maggie Balcerzak of Pink Sparrow, Lindsey Neff of Larkspur Botanicals, Rob Pausmith of Très LA Group, Dera Lee of Dera Lee Productions, and Saadia Zahid of Studio 525 share their best practices for sustainability.

Budget Guide: Hiring a Photo Booth for Your Corporate Event

Corporate event experts on getting the most with any budget.

Shot List Template: How to Build the Perfect Shot List for Your Next Event

We spoke to O Hello Media's Taryn Covrigaru about how to build the perfect shot list for your next corporate event.

21 Tips for Planning Your Next B2B Experiential Marketing Event

21 tips for planning your next B2B experiential marketing event.
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