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Launching our Guide to Virtual Event Services & Experiences


At a time like this, it's more important than ever that we continue to bring people together with amazing experiences. To do so, we are launching a directory of virtual event services and experiences for you to browse and hire for your event. From cocktail-making classes, to virtual portrait drawing and Zoom DJ sets, you will find the innovative pros who can help you differentiate your virtual event and create a sense of community at a time it's needed most.

We included a sample of experiences below for you to browse for inspiration. If you are a vendor who offers services for digital events please don't hesitate to upload the services to your profile or shoot us an email so we can help!


Muddling Memories

Digital service: “The Virtual Speakeasy”: Virtual cocktail classes & parties

How it’s hosted: Zoom

Number of guests: Up to 100, ideally between 25-50

Past corporate clients: Instagram, City Harvest, Tazo Tea, Adobe

We host virtual cocktail classes for corporate teams now working remotely and clients whose events have been postponed. The cocktail classes are 45 minutes and include specifically curated cocktail recipes that every group can make in their own home. We guide guests through making two or three drinks and then at the end we hold a 15-minute Q&A. We involve guests in the process, send them a personalized playlist, and focus on giving them an experience specially tailored for their group.” — Cody Goldstein

Hodde Bros Beverage Co.

Digital service: Hodde Bros Beverage Academy

How it's hosted: Zoom

Number of guests: 10 - 100 (additional guests for a fee)

Past corporate clients: Tinder, Verizon, Patrón

“At the Hodde Bros Beverage Academy, you'll learn the basic building blocks of bartending.  Classes include instruction on classic cocktail families, the importance of ice, how to find balance in a drink, and proper technique. Online instruction, cocktail recipes, a shopping list, and additional resources are included. Attendees must supply the ingredients needed for the cocktails.” — Darci Kendall


Digital service: Virtual Cocktail Class

How it's hosted: Zoom

Number of guests: 10

Past corporate clients: Saks Fifth Avenue, Groupon, Charles Schwab, WeWork.

“During this time, we are offering virtual cocktail, syrup + juice, and spirit-free cocktail classes. We can teach the classics such as Old Fashioneds, Gimlets, and Margaritas. Or our own seasonal recipes tailored to your preference. Our syrup + juice classes provide an inside look to how easy it is to replicate the sweeteners and citrus that go into the everyday cocktails. Not a fan of alcohol? No problem! We have a number of spirit-free recipes utilizing fresh ingredients for a cocktail feel, minus the booze drink.” — Jay Fuller

CraftYours Virtual Cocktail Class

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Christine Lee

Digital service: Virtual All Levels Stretching Class

How it's hosted: Zoom

Number of guests: Ideally 10

Past corporate clients: Google, Symb.io

“As your teams and employees are quarantined and stuck at home, a great option is group fitness and wellness programs. Specifically, I've been teaching group circus classes, flying trapeze classes, aerial classes and stretching classes for over 14 years. Given the current times, I'm focusing on group video classes for stretching—this can be group classes, corporate groups, or 1:1 sessions.” — Christine Lee

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Dan Chan Master Magician

Digital service: A magic show and workshop

How it’s hosted: Zoom

Number of guests: Up to 100

Past corporate clients: Google, Facebook, Yahoo

“I offer an interactive magic show for corporate clients. I use video to put on a cutting edge show with magic tricks that have been especially designed for this new medium. I encourage companies to let me know if they want me to incorporate a specific theme or motivational message in the show. It creates so much joy for people to see the reactions of their colleagues over video when I stump them with a trick.” — Dan Chan

Master Magician Dan Chan

Sidney Friedman

Digital service: Virtual mind power wingman

How it’s hosted: Zoom, MS Teams, or whatever platform is convenient for the client

Number of guests: Up to 500

Past corporate clients: Zimmer Biomet, Dream Town Realty, Jewish Federation

“I’m a best-selling author who speaks and teaches subconscious connection and true innovation for success. I work to help you elevate workforces, I teach subconscious connection, and I help workers innovate and create.” — Sidney Friedman

Sidney Friedman, Virtual Mind Power Wingman

The SnapBar

Digital service: Virtual Photo Booth by The SnapBar

Number of guests: Unlimited

Past corporate clients: Google, Facebook, Deloitte, Adobe, Zillow

How it's hosted: Any browser 

"With in-person events off the table for the time-being and virtual events rising to the occasion, we're bringing our photo experience expertise to the web. We are thrilled to release the first browser-based, virtual photo booth for brands and remote teams planning virtual events, conferences, happy hours and more. The experience can be fully branded with a custom start screen, color scheme, URL, overlays, stickers, and more; there's also an optional AI background removal software that allows for branded or themed backgrounds. Add some interactive fun that doubles as a keepsake to your next virtual event!” — Rachael Lowery

Digital Deception

Digital service: Alakazoom

How it's hosted: Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting, RingCentral Events

Number of guests: Up to 1000

Past corporate clients: Google, WeWork, IBM, Symantec, Procter & Gamble, Estee Lauder

“Alakazoom is the virtual version of Digital Deception. This tech-based magic duo has an arsenal of interactive magic effects that can be presented on any online platform to entertain remote teams. Doug McKenzie & Ryan Oakes bring their digital magic to you virtually, which means your meeting participants do not merely watch magic, they experience magic — right on their screens, on their phones and in their own hands. With original magic and mind-reading effects that involve text messaging, phone calls, emails, and video, viewers actually become part of the magic. Using their high-tech wizardry, Doug & Ryan are able to correctly guess each audience member’s individual thoughts. It’s a unique shared experience suitable for any size group.” — Doug McKenzie & Ryan Oakes

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Digital service: Virtual Parties with Live DJs

How it’s hosted: Zoom, Mixlr

Number of guests: Up to 500 (or more)

Past corporate clients: Google, Netflix, Food Network, La Prairie, LVMH

“We offer virtual happy hours and dance parties for our clients who are looking to build team morale or fun bonding experiences during this challenging time of social distancing and working from home. We provide high quality sound with the music and use a separate Zoom channel for socializing. Not limited to the corporate world, couples who've had to postpone their weddings can book this as the ultimate pre-party to carry them through until they can see all their favorite peoples in person.” — Simon / DJ Tiaga

DJ Gatsby

Digital service: Virtual DJing

How it's hosted: Twitch

Number of guests: Unlimited

Past corporate clients: Google, Amazon, Ferrari, Adidas, and Rent The Runway

“Even though we're all working from home, it doesn't mean that we can't have fun and be social. I am working with companies to spin private happy hours and even dance party sets to blow off some steam and dance in the living room without any judgment. If you'd like to see it for yourself, while we're sheltering-in-place, I spin a weekly Friday happy hour set called "Crush Hour Traffic" from 4-5:30pm CST and a monthly music video dance party called "Funk Footage" every 4th Thursday from 8-10pm CST all on my Twitch channel: twitch.tv/gatsbydj!”

Acute Inflections

Digital service: Virtual Live Music

How it's hosted: Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Zoom, etc.

Number of guests: Unlimited

Past corporate clients: Saks Fifth Avenue, Nasdaq, and Google

“Acute Inflections has provided virtual live music for a variety of events. By granting song requests and engaging with viewers, they create a fun and memorable experience. They can also curate an ideal set of music and choose attire that perfectly complements the theme of each celebration.” — Elasea & Sadiki

Virtual Live Music by Acute Inflections

DJ Omega

Digital service: Remote Digital Hosting and Dance Party

How it’s hosted: Instagram Live, Zoom, Twitch

Number of guests: 500-1000

Past corporate clients: Nike, NBC, Netflix

“I provide digital hosting, dance parties and sonic curation via Instagram Live, Zoom, and Twitch. My latest Instagram Live had over 3,500 combined views.”— DJ Omega

DJ Omega

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Napkin Killa

Name: Zoom Portraits 

How it's hosted: Zoom

Number of guests: 15 an hour (each portrait takes 3-4 minutes)

Past corporate clients: Facebook, Mercedes-Benz, Fendi, Patron

"Clients can have their portraits drawn in one of two ways. I can do digital portraits where I share my screen with guests and they receive their portrait by email, or I can do regular napkin portraits where guests can watch me draw from an overhead rig and they will receive their napkins in the mail.” — Napkin Killa

Scott James Typewriter Poetry

Digital service: Remote typewriter poetry

How it’s hosted: Zoom, or anything like it

Number of guests: No limit

Past corporate clients: Keller Williams, Kendra Scott, University of Texas at Austin

“I offer a human touch into a virtual event by writing instant typewriter poems on-the-spot with a vintage typewriter. Each poem is personal to the guest on a topic of their choice, and I write and read the poem live. Poems are perfect for social media sharing, and I can deliver a set via email right away. I'm also happy to talk about the power of writing and creativity to bring hope and healing in challenging times.”  — Scott James

Ars Poetica

Digital service: Live poems on-demand

How it's hosted: Zoom, Webinar Jam, Facebook Live, Instagram Live

Number of guests: Unlimited 

Past corporate clients: Google, Macy's, Bloomberg, The New York Times, The New York Public Library

“You can hire poets who create live poems on-demand. They are recited on video by the poet, then digitally delivered or hard copies mailed to each attendee after the event. You can partner with us for campaigns, content series, conferences, or nationwide and trans-media projects - we represent poets and artists around the world. We customize our activations to suit the unique needs of a brand (or individual), and each poem to tell those stories." — Lisa Ann (LA) Markuson

Ars Poetica's Live Poems on Demand

Rothbyrns Creative

Digital service: Live Online Hand Lettering Workshop

How it’s hosted: Zoom

Number of guests: min of 10, no limit max

Past corporate clients: Google, Facebook, L’Oreal, SoFi

“Learn lettering from the comfort of your own home—no special supplies required. Live online sessions are a great way to connect and learn a new skill. I'd love to bring my enthusiasm and passion for teaching to your audience. In this 1 hour workshop, I will share hand lettering basics and walk participants through several lettering exercises designed to get their creativity flowing! Everyone will end the class with a final composition they can be proud of, and a new skill that they can continue practicing on their own.”   Danielle Rothman

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Crowd Purr

Digital service: A virtual trivia game show 

How it’s hosted: Their own customizable platform

Number of guests: Up to 1000 participants

"We can customize your game for the length of time you’d like to play, as well as add your branding, name and even custom questions. Select from categories movies, sports, celebrities, music, science, food, kids, animals, or world and choose your experience: Battle Royal, Survivor, Team Royal, Multiple Choice Polls, or Type Answer Polls. We have real-time features like Live Poll that allow your audience to voice their opinion on anything, from an important company decision to judging the winner of a live talent contest.” — Jim Cohn

Crowd Purr

Escape Room Races

Digital service: Remote Team Building Experience

How it’s hosted: Zoom or BlueJeans Video Conferencing

Number of guests: 8-100

A few past corporate clients: PwC, Salesforce, Facebook, HPE, IBM

“Employee morale and team building are such an important part of a successful company culture, so we have created a high-energy team building experience that allows colleagues to collaborate, connect and have fun while working remotely. Our game is action-packed and filled with trivia, escape-room-style puzzles, games and photo challenges. We aim to bring a bit of competition and a lot of fun to your employees while they can’t be in the office together.” — Mary Hanna & Lauren McSorley

Total Entertainment

Digital service: Virtual Game Show – Isolation Decompression

How it's hosted: Zoom

Number of guests: Up to 200

Past corporate clients: HBO

“Up to (4) hosts or VIP’s from a company dial into Zoom. We send a web based link to all of the players. Our proprietary platform layers in the Zoom hosts and allows the guests to be involved with an interactive chat feature, photo activation feature, and audience response system for our trivia questions. The entire game is run on our web based platform and people have fun listening to the music. You can even have a live DJ as one of your hosts.” — Scott Klayman

Virtual game show by Total Entertainment

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