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How to Choose Conference Venue in 2024


When it comes to hosting a conference in 2024, the venue in which you select will make all the difference. From a partner event to an annual meeting, from a sales kick-off to convention, the space on which you land should outline your event’s objectives, all under one roof. This venue will shape your guest’s experience and reflect your brand. Long story short: choose wisely.

In 2024, there are several trends emerging for what conference spaces will look like – and more importantly, what you as the event planner should require out of them. But before we dive into what to look for next year, let’s define what each space is.

·  Conference center – This type of venue accommodates large groups of professionals, typically for short periods of time, all for the purpose of seminars, workshops, or meetings. Conference centers circle around the exchange of knowledge, focus on professional development, as well as industry advancement. Conference centers offer space, privacy, and typically up-to-the-minute tech equipment.

·  Hotels – Frequently you’ll find conference centers within hotels. A hotel that offers meeting spaces has plenty of benefits. From grand ballrooms to smart boardrooms, varying sizes of meeting spaces will work toward your conference’s advantage. When you choose to host where your guests will stay, it provides a quick trip for all your business cohorts to get to and from their meetings. Also at a hotel, you’ll have access to catering and on-site technical help.

·  Raw event space – An event venue where there’s nothing but a blank canvas for you to create your vision is considered raw. Typically, these types of spaces require you to bring in many of your own rentals, technical equipment, and catering. At some raw event spaces you’ll find staff or other amenities, but these types of bonuses vary by space. There’s a welcomed freedom with a blank canvas, but does require a little more effort on the planner’s part.

What To Look for in Your Conference Venue in 2024

Here’s eight trends for 2024 when it comes to finding and booking your venue for your next conference. There’s so much to consider when choosing a space, so allow The Vendry to point you in the right direction on where to start.

1. Aesthetics + Location

Now that the world is out and traveling again in full force, selecting a space that is inviting and unique tops the list of what to look for in 2024. When your colleagues feel as if they’ve been invited along to a conference that’s in a lively city, and are being hosted in a modern venue with exceptional elements, you will likely maximize attendance. Hosting at a locale with an attractive vibe that includes a more luxurious feel in décor and overall aesthetics, shows you’ve taken the time to select a one-of-a-kind venue.

2. Technology

A venue that has the bandwidth to handle loads of devices at once without a single glitch is a venue you are going to book in 2024. Conference venues today should offer Wi-Fi at a minimum. It’s also likely there will be presentations, so each deck deserves the latest in audio/visual equipment, as well as a really solid sound system. If you’ve selected a venue that doesn’t have tech built-in, be sure to ask if they have a trusted vendor that knows the space, the plug-ins, and the acoustics. And hosting a “tech check” before your conference to be certain all is connecting is a trend that never goes out of style.

3. Capacity + Comfort

Because everyone likes a little extra elbow room, selecting a venue that offers enough space for your business cohorts is important. The last thing you want is for your colleagues to feel that the room is too tight and crowded. Or worse yet, no one wants to present to a large void of a room for their training session. When it comes to accommodations, every person appreciates creature comforts, like a cozy chair and all-day access to food and drink. Room to work, stretch out, and be comfortable is near the top of the trend list this year.  

4. Budget

As with any event you plan, the venue will be the largest expense of your conference. Be sure to weigh all your options, from raw spaces to conference centers. To make an impact with your event while staying within budget, consider a more upscale venue but in a smaller city for 2024. Always ask about multi-year contracts, off-season dates, special hotel room rates, or any other discounts the conference center might offer.

5. Sustainability

Hosting a conference that makes the smallest environmental footprint possible will be key in 2024. Prioritizing sustainability is not only on trend, it’s just good corporate practice. Take a look at the venue’s ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) standards as a framework to assess their business practices. Be certain to ask how the venue handles conference waste, like recycling and garbage separation. Talk to the caterer about their use of local ingredients or low-carbon options. Also, ask the venue about their third-party sustainability certifications, like LEED or Green Key.

6. Branding

Similar to last year, it’s all about image in 2024. Stakeholders and sponsors will be interested in a conference venue that is aligned with your company’s brand. When it comes to marketing, be sure to ask where your company can have signage and branding opportunities on-site. Also inquire whether there are other organizations on premises that might conflict with your company’s ideas. And because it’s 2024, your attendees will be taking and posting pictures all day, so make sure there’s lots of opportunity to get your company’s name wherever you can.

7. Staffing

This year, support is important, whether you land on a hotel, conference center, or raw space. In order to make your event run smoothly, you will need tech support, waitstaff, and security. Most importantly, an on-site point person has been a must-have trend in the past few years. Should any snafu come up, big or small, a go-to person in the building who knows the space well sets all minds at ease.

8. Accessibility

Selecting a conference venue that has easy airport access, nearby hotels, and accessibility to public transportation will make your spot even more desirable to colleagues and attendees. Ample parking or valet services are important for any attendees or presenters that are visiting just for the day. Be certain the venue is easy to find and simple to navigate once you get there. A venue that is ADA-compliant and has enough space for guests with disabilities is a must. As are accessible and inclusive bathrooms.

Details Will Matter in 2024

The venue you choose to hold your conference in 2024 will come down to the details. Amenities, technical capabilities, aesthetics, and sustainability will matter in this coming year. No matter your conference’s objectives, the goal is to let the word get around what a smooth operation your event was, in the hope of securing attendance for the next year.

Finding the Best Conference Venues on The Vendry

Choosing the best conference venues in 2024 for your big group can be easy if you begin with The Vendry. Search large event venues by neighborhood, by venue type, and by capacity to kickstart your hunt. Click to request proposals right from your findings. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

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