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Rain and Shine: Events in 2022

The events landscape has changed drastically. Hear from top event professionals on what event trends in 2022 will look like.

The Vendry Raises $6.5 Million to Power a New Era of Events

As The Vendry announces our Seed funding, led by Peter Boyce of Stellation Capital, our CEO Daphne Hoppenot shares how The Vendry is helping planners enter a new era of live events with our community-powered marketplace platform.

The Vendry Announces New Health and Safety Requirements

The Vendry has now launched tools to help companies coordinate their health and safety protocols and best practices. Learn more!

Circles: Curated Networking Groups for Event Professionals

Networking without the fluff. Connect with your industry peers through Circles: curated networking groups for event professionals

Launching our Guide to Virtual Event Services & Experiences

Browse our directory of virtual event services and experiences for you to hire for your event.
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