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Events in 2023 Industry Trend Report: Back to the Future

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Top Event Professionals Share What They Foresee for 2023  

Event professionals have had nearly everything thrown at them this year. Fresh off a worldwide pandemic, they were met with inflation, labor shortages, and supply chain demands, and now they’re being asked to do more than ever.  

All of this reformatting, repositioning, and repurposing has led the industry to take a large leap forward, and now it’s time to consider how these learnings translate into 2023.  

The Vendry sat down with the best and brightest in the events industry – they cover everything from sports to tech, event production to meeting planning, and everything in between –  to uncover what the past year has taught them and what they think the future will hold.

Event Industry Trends in 2023: Here's What We Could See

Our contributors shared their thoughts and experiences that covered a wide variety of topics and themes. From that, we revealed 10 event industry trends for the 2023.

Confidence without all the contingencies

Event pros can ditch the backups-for-the-backup plan. They're entering 2023 confident and prepared to handle anything that comes their way.

Get ready to choose your own adventure

If the past year was all about reuniting audiences via events, 2023 is all about letting attendees personalize their own experience at events.

Full team ahead

Event teams enter 2023 robus, well-rounded, and with more varied skill sets than ever that will let them tackle IRL, virtual, and anything in between.

Distributed teams Centralized effort.

Event teams now have more people in more places, which means they're going to have to take extra steps to collaborate on their events.

More demand + More Cost = More Budget

Event budgets are on the up and up for 2023 thanks to the increased appetite for in-person events. But surging costs are leaving many event pros with sticker shock.

Put your money where your event is

Events will be one of the most important ways companies convey their values to their customers, from their venue and vendor election to their content to their guest list.

The bright side of bite-sized

Last year's trend of smaller, geo-specific events is here to stay, allowing for greater intimacy, bigger impact, and lower costs.

Keep up the community

Community is no fad. Building event footprints to facilitate social moments is as relevant as ever to foster deep connection between attendees.

Modern metrics

Event pros are measuring success off of attendee experience and brand awareness, and these metrics are proving just as important as traditional ones like ticket sales.

One, but not done

Event teams are going to be tasked with creating experiences in 2023 that extend both in and beyond the moment driven by high-quality content.

Want to dive deeper? Make sure to download the report above to read more about how event pros are navigating this new event landscape.

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