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How to Measure Event Success in 2024

Learn what you need to consider when measuring an event's success in 2024. Find tips, tricks, and insights to help you determine event ROI.

How to Choose Conference Venue in 2024

Read about top trends for selecting a conference venue in 2024.

How to Build a Post-event Report in 2024

Explore top tips on how to create a post-event report in 2024. We explore what you should be measuring, and how!

The 50 Most Unique Corporate Gift Ideas For 2024

Corporate gifting is a great way of motivating your employees. Learn everything about corporate gifting here. Read on.

55 Exceptional and Unique Event Theme Ideas by Vibe and Occasion

From conferences and trade shows to holiday parties and product launches, here are 50 innovative ideas to select your perfect event theme.

How to Utilize Destination Management Companies

Explore the most unique event venues in Portland for your next event. Read now!

Choosing the Right Hotel Room

Discover the ideal hotel room options for corporate event attendees!

The Best Meeting Icebreakers for Corporate Events

Elevate your next event with our expert guide to the best meeting icebreakers. Foster connections and create a memorable experience!

Clever Company Retreat Ideas for Successful Corporate Team-Building

Team bonding activities are important for corporate team building. A company retreat is the perfect way to bring your team closer. See How!

What is a Product Launch Event? How to Plan a Product Launch in 2023

Launch your product with a splash! Learn how to create a memorable product launch event with these insights and ideas. Read on!

Everything You Need to Know to Plan a Virtual Conference in 2023

With proper planning and resources you can make your virtual event a success. Learn how to plan a virtual conference in 2023!

How to Host a Corporate Offsite on Long Island

Company offsites can be challenging to organize. If you’re looking to host an offsite on sunny Long Island, we have the itinerary for you!

Guide to Event Planner Certifications

There are many options to navigate through when considering an event planning certification. Learn which route is best for you to take!

What is a Seminar Event?

In the events industry, seminars actually serve a different purpose. Learn everything you need to know about planning a seminar in 2022!

How to Host an Impactful Pride Event: Ideas and Inspiration

Support your LGBTQ+ community by celebrating Pride Month through Pride activities and events. For ideas on how to celebrate Pride, read on!

How to Optimize Your Offsite: Connection

Company offsites should be more than just a gathering. Ben Hindman of Splash shares 5 ways to facilitate connection at your next offsite!

How to Plan a Sustainable Corporate Event

Sustainable events are on the rise as concerns for our environment grow. Learn how to plan a sustainable corporate event. Read to learn more!

How to Optimize Your Offsite: Collaboration

A company offsite is important for team building. Ben Hindman of Splash shares 5 models for facilitating collaboration at your next offsite!
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