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Organize, Collaborate, and Share with Lists

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Event planners are constantly managing a lot of moving pieces, so the ability to stay organized is critical to their roles. Today, we’re launching a new feature called Lists and we’re excited to share more about how Lists can help planners stay organized, collaborate better, and share knowledge with others in just a few clicks.

The idea behind Lists is simple: Allow teams to quickly and easily organize collections of venues and vendors to keep to themselves privately or share with others. For example...

  • Has a friend, client, or coworker ever asked you for venue or vendor recommendations? 
  • Do you make lists of prospective venues or vendors for different events as you research online? 
  • Do you save lists of venues or vendors so you can easily reference them in the future?

If so, our new super-powered Lists feature will be your best friend.

8 ways event planners can use Lists

1. Build Lists on the go

Building venue and vendor Lists on The Vendry is easy. Anywhere you see the Save icon - in search results or on the business profile - you can click to save that business to an existing List or make a new List.

2. Collaborate with coworkers

Want to add a colleague to be able to add and edit your List with you? It’s easy to add other users from your account to be admins on your List. They’ll be able to add, remove, and build it out, just like you.

3. Share your Lists with others

Want to share your List with someone outside your organization? We make that easy. You can share your list with anyone even if they don’t have an account with The Vendry. Just click and enable your sharing link. Share with whoever you like over email, chat, text, and more. When you send a share link, the recipient won’t be required to login to see your List.

4. Manage your privacy settings

We give you full control over who can see your Lists. Share a read-only version of your List with your team so anyone in your organization can view — but not edit — your work, or opt to keep your List fully private. We even give you the ability to share your Lists publicly with the broader Vendry community.

5. Give and get feedback on your Lists with voting and commenting

Are you sharing Lists with the hope of getting feedback from your team or stakeholders? If you enable voting and commenting, anyone who can view the List can submit their upvote or downvote on each option and even write a comment to share their thoughts. When you capture this feedback via Lists, you’ll always see it on that venue or vendor's profile so it’s easy to reference in the future.

6. Don’t start from scratch each time

Are you throwing an event that looks a lot like one you hosted last year? You can easily repurpose Lists you’ve built in the past by duplicating them and saving under a new name. If you have view-only access to a coworker’s List or a publicly shared List, you can duplicate it and save it as your own.

7. Leverage your pre-built Lists in your RFP outreach

Access your Lists with ease in our RFP tool, so that you can distribute your RFP to pre-screened venues or vendors with ease.

8. Stay informed across the platform

Not only are Lists accessible directly from your navigation and in the RFP tool, but you can also always see what Lists venues and vendors are included in from their profile, as well as which coworkers are admins on that List and any relevant votes or comments.

Use Lists with The Vendry Pro

Lists are live now for all users on The Vendry Pro. Start by clicking the bookmark on any business profile. If you’re not yet a user with The Vendry Pro, book a free demo call to learn more today about Lists and other new features we built specifically for event professionals. 

Are you a venue or vendor interested in getting listed on The Vendry? Add your business for free.

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Stay up-to-date with industry news, cool case studies, and events.

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