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The Trendiest Restaurants in New York City Right Now


Article Updated 10/10/23

New York City is known for its world-class dining scene, and with thousands of restaurants to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide where to dine. For food enthusiasts, New York City is a haven of culinary delights, ranging from small family-owned eateries to fine-dining establishments with Michelin stars. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the 10 best acclaimed restaurants in New York City, recognized for their exceptional cuisine, innovative menus, impeccable service, and overall dining experience. New York City's best acclaimed restaurants have earned high praise from diners and critics alike, cementing their reputation as some of the best dining destinations.

10 of New York's Best Acclaimed Restaurants

From elegant fine dining to cozy bistros, these NYC restaurants have been recognized for their innovation, creativity, and exceptional service. Whether you're looking for a intimate dinner, a private party, or a celebration, these restaurants are sure to deliver an unforgettable dining experience. So, if you're planning your next event in New York City be sure to add these acclaimed dining destinations to your list.

1.  Le Bernardin Privé

Neighborhood: Theater District

Le Bernardin Privé is a 3 star Michelin Guide restaurant that offers a lavish dining experience ideal for hosting your next special event. The salon is adorned with floor-to-ceiling windows that allow ample natural light to flow in during the day. The restaurant can cater to groups of two to eighty guests, and the seating arrangements can be tailored to accommodate various party sizes and requirements. Chef Eric Ripert and his team have meticulously designed the menus, which can be perfectly complemented with wine selections recommended by Wine Director Aldo Sohm.

NYC Acclaimed Restaurant Le Bernardin Privé's dining room
Le Bernardin Privé

2. Laser Wolf Brooklyn

Neighborhood: Williamsburg Brooklyn
Capacity: Contact for more info

As one of the hottest new restaurants in town, Laser Wolf has quickly become a culinary sensation, drawing attention for its innovative approach to dining. Named after the iconic "Lazar Wolf" from the beloved musical Fiddler on the Roof, this restaurant boasts uninterrupted views of the stunning Manhattan skyline over the East River, creating a picturesque backdrop for corporate gatherings.

What sets Laser Wolf apart is its commitment to the ancient art of cooking over a charcoal grill, intensifying the flavors of every dish. This dining experience is the result of an exciting collaboration between Philadelphia's CookNSolo and Chicago's Boka Restaurant Group, uniting the visionary teams of Chef Michael Solomonov, Restaurateur Steven Cook, and Restaurateurs Kevin Boehm and Rob Katz. Together, they share a passion for warm hospitality and a dedication to celebrating Israel's vibrant culinary landscape. Laser Wolf at The Hoxton, Williamsburg, is a testament to their collective vision, making it a perfect choice for corporate dinners that seek to infuse innovation and delectable cuisine into the evening.

Laser Wolf in Brooklyn with views of Manhattan and a long white tile bar
Laser Wolf Brooklyn

3. Le Rock

Neighborhood: Midtown
Capacity: 140

Le Rock is a New York Times 3 star French cuisine restaurant that specializes in classic French dishes and provides the perfect ambiance for events. The restaurant is housed in a 4000 square-foot space that includes a main dining area that can seat up to 92 guests and a private dining room that can accommodate up to 16 guests. Additionally, the outdoor terrace can accommodate an additional 50 diners. For seated dinner events, Le Rock can host up to 120 guests in the main dining room and an additional 50 guests on the outdoor terrace. For cocktail events, the restaurant can cater to up to 250 guests, with an additional 100 guests on the terrace. The private dining room is also available for groups of up to 16 guests, creating an intimate and exclusive dining experience with its dark wood, mirrored walls, and dim lighting.

NYC Acclaimed Restaurant Le Rock's dining room
Le Rock

4.  Don Angie

Neighborhood: West Village
Capacity: 55

Don Angie is an Italian-American restaurant situated in New York City's West Village and has been recognized as one of Esquire's Best New Restaurants in America. This Michelin-starred restaurant offers a private dining room that is completely separate from the main dining area. The private dining room has its own entrance, a cocktail area, and a kitchen that can seat up to 16 guests for dinner. If you have a larger group, the restaurant offers full buyouts that can accommodate up to 50 guests.

NYC Acclaimed Restaurant Don Angie's dining room
Don Angie

5. The Grill

Neighborhood: Midtown
Capacity: 250

THE GRILL is an American chophouse located in mid-century New York that has received a 3-star rating from The New York Times. This historically based restaurant is a predecessor to the NY Steakhouse and still upholds the intricate and elegant dining experience of that era. It's main dining area can seat up to 120 people while its private dining room can seat up to 22.

NYC Acclaimed Restaurant The Grill's private dining room with dim lighting
The Grill

6. Sushi Nakazawa

Neighborhood: West Village
Capacity: 25

Sushi Nakazawa, an elegant Japanese sushi eatery situated on Commerce Street in Manhattan, has received acclaim for its excellence and meticulous preparation. The restaurant's offerings range from a 10-seat sushi counter and dining area to an off-site location, and Sushi Nakazawa is capable of tailoring omakase menus and beverage pairings to suit the specific preferences of all its patrons.

NYC Acclaimed Restaurant Sushi Nakazawa's private dining room
Sushi Nakazawa

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7. Gabriel Kreuther

Neighborhood: Midtown
Capacity: 150

Gabriel Kreuther, a Michelin Guide 2 star restaurant, offers exquisitely prepared, lavish cuisine. The eatery showcases refined French cuisine, presented in a trendy, open surrounding embellished with recycled wooden beams. Guests can indulge in either the Heritage or Carte Blanche Chef's tasting menus in the Main Dining Room or opt for elevated, Alsatian-inspired dishes. Its private dining room can seat up to 40.

NYC Acclaimed Restaurant Gabriel Kreuthe's private dining room
Gabriel Kreuther

8. Saga

Neighborhood: Financial District
Capacity: 125

SAGA, an acclaimed fine dining restaurant, boasts a coveted Michelin Guide 2-star rating and is situated on the 63rd level of 70 Pine Street, an iconic Art Deco skyscraper located in New York's Financial District. SAGA's cuisine is firmly grounded in European culinary traditions, but its inspiration comes from a variety of sources, including the the eclectic food scene of New York City.

NYC Acclaimed Restaurant Saga's private dining room

9. Momofuku Ko

Neighborhood: East Village
Capacity: 60

Momofuku Ko is a restaurant that upholds the Japanese kaiseki tradition and values seasonality, innovation, and the diverse culinary offerings of New York City. The establishment comprises of two distinct spaces, namely The Bar at Ko and the Main Dining Room. The Bar at Ko offers an ever-changing à la carte menu, while the Main Dining Room features a comprehensive tasting menu, complemented by a vast selection of beverages. The restaurant has earned two Michelin stars since 2009 and was granted three stars by the New York Times in 2015.

NYC Acclaimed Restaurant Momofuko Ko's main dining room with hibachi style seating
Momofuku Ko

10. Semma

Neighborhood: West Village
Capacity: 70

Semma is an extraordinary restaurant, proudly recognized with a prestigious 1-star rating in the Michelin Guide, making it a destination for culinary enthusiasts seeking a remarkable dining experience. Here, diners embark on a captivating journey to explore the rich culinary heritage of Southern India. Led by the talented Chef Vijay, a native of Tamil Nadu, Semma embodies the essence of authenticity, bringing forth deeply personal and genuine representations of farming life on his ancestral land.

Chef Vijay's commitment to sourcing and showcasing the most exquisite ingredients unique to the region elevates the dining experience to a whole new level, delivering intense and unforgettable flavors that transport diners to the heart of Southern India. At Semma, each visit becomes an opportunity to savor the essence of tradition and heritage through a symphony of tastes and aromas that linger in the memory long after the meal is over.

NYC Acclaimed Restaurant Semma's bar seating area

11. La Mercerie

Neighborhood: SoHo
Capacity: 200

La Mercerie is an upscale restaurant, featuring a pastry counter and home decor showcase, housed within Roman and Williams Guild. Chef Marie-Aude Rose expertly blends her classical culinary training with cutting-edge techniques, resulting in a reimagined French cuisine that is both thoughtful and refined. Whether you're planning an intimate gathering of 8 or a larger event of up to 200 guests, La Mercerie offers a range of indoor and outdoor options for both seated meals and receptions.

NYC Acclaimed Restaurant La Mercerie's private dining room
La Mercerie

12. Gage & Tollner

Neighborhood: Downtown Brooklyn
Capacity: 30

Not every trendy restaurant resides in Manhattan. Gage & Tollner in Downtown Brooklyn stands out as a hot new spot for Brooklynites and Manhattanites alike. The restaurant's two private dining rooms, meticulously restored to their former Victorian splendor, offer an exquisite setting for celebrations in Brooklyn. Adorned with a marble-topped brass bar, custom wainscoting, and ornamental fireplaces, these rooms exude a timeless charm that creates an elegant backdrop for corporate gatherings. The versatility of the space, with the option to separate or combine the rooms using pocket doors, ensures that it can accommodate both intimate and larger groups. Gage & Tollner's commitment to preserving its historical grandeur while offering a sophisticated dining experience makes it an ideal choice for hosting memorable corporate dinners in Brooklyn.

Gage and Tollner in Brooklyn with ornate details, red velvet benches and sconce lighting.
Gage & Tollner

How to Choose the Best Restaurant for Your Event

Choosing the best location for your event can be a challenging task, as there are numerous factors to consider to ensure that your guests have a great experience.

Consider the type of event: The type of event you're planning will influence the type of restaurant you should choose. For example, a formal dinner party will require a more upscale restaurant than a casual lunch.

Look for a restaurant with a private dining area: If you're planning a private event, look for a restaurant that has a private dining area. This will give you and your guests more privacy and ensure that you can enjoy your event without any distractions.

Consider the menu: Make sure the restaurant you choose has a menu that caters to the dietary needs and preferences of your guests. Check if they can accommodate vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free diets.

Check the location: The location of the restaurant is an important factor to consider. Make sure it's easily accessible for your guests and has parking facilities if needed.

Consider the ambiance: The ambiance of the restaurant should match the tone of your event. If you're planning a formal event, choose a restaurant with an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. If it's a casual event, opt for a more relaxed and laid-back setting.

Find the Best Acclaimed Restaurants on The Vendry

New York City's dining scene offers an unparalleled experience that attracts foodies from all over the world. From the eclectic flavors of street food to the elegance of Michelin-starred cuisine, the city has it all. The best acclaimed restaurants in New York City showcased in this article are not only the pinnacle of the dining experience but also a testament to the city's diverse culinary landscape. Each restaurant has its unique style, personality, and flavor, making them an unforgettable experience for anyone looking to create a special night.

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