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The Best Holiday Event Venues in NYC


Article updated November 1st, 2023

Do you hear that faint jingle in the distance? That’s your reminder that it’s never too early to book your corporate holiday party in New York City. Holiday parties are back in a big way, so it’s time to research, plan, and lock down the venue where you shall celebrate your team. But every company will be thinking and planning like you, so it’s best to get started, oh, about now.

The Vendry has put together a list of fantastic, sparkly venues to host your corporate holiday party for 2023. There’s nothing like the holidays in NYC, so select a place that matches the city – and spirit – of your hardworking corporate culture. 

The Best Corporate Holiday Event Venues in NYC

From sleek rooftop spaces with panoramic views of the city that never sleeps to elegant ballrooms nestled within historic landmarks, the Big Apple presents a diverse array of holiday venues that cater to the needs and aspirations of any corporate gathering. Whether you're aiming to impress clients, reward your hardworking team, or simply celebrate the season in style, NYC's top-notch venues are poised to provide the perfect backdrop for your upcoming event.

1. Center415

Neighborhood: Midtown
Capacity: 1,200

Center415 is an exceptional venue to host a corporate holiday party — especially for larger companies. Its prime location in the heart of Manhattan ensures easy accessibility for employees and clients alike, making it convenient for everyone to attend. The venue's sleek and modern design, combined with its versatile event spaces (spread throughout 32,000 square feet!), allows for creative customization, ensuring that your holiday party reflects your company's unique style and vision.

Additionally, the venue offers state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment and lighting, and space on the ground floor that can accommodate large installations and structures. Center415 also boasts a professional and experienced staff that can assist with planning and execution, reducing the stress of event coordination. With capacity for over 1,000 attendees, Center415 the ideal choice for a large corporate holiday gathering in the heart of New York City.

Center 415 Winter Wonderland with white couch and tree gobo lighting
Winter Wonderland at Center415

2. Brooklyn Steel

Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Capacity: 1,800

Brooklyn Steel stands out as an exceptional venue to host a large corporate holiday party for several compelling reasons. As a converted old steel factory, this unique venue offers an industrial-chic atmosphere that adds a touch of character and intrigue to your event. With the capacity to accommodate up to 1,800 guests, it provides ample space for a grand celebration — perfect for companies looking to bring the entire team together.

What sets Brooklyn Steel apart is its impressive setup, featuring three bars that can serve a diverse range of beverages and a VIP room for those seeking a separate elevated experience. This combination of ample space, historic charm, and hospitality amenities makes Brooklyn Steel an outstanding choice for a corporate holiday extravaganza that promises an unforgettable and dynamic experience for all attendees.

Brooklyn Steel venue with multidimensional lighting in white, purple, and blue
Tommy Hilfiger at Brooklyn Steel

3. Nebula

Neighborhood: Theater District
Capacity: 750

Looking to party all night long with colleagues? Look no further than Nebula. Situated in the vibrant heart of Midtown Manhattan near Bryant Park, Nebula has everything you want for an all-out corporate holiday party. This stunning nightclub and private event space offer a complete event experience from the moment guests step through its front doors to the beautifully designed lobby entrance that welcomes them.

Nebula's transformative ambiance, with its 30-foot-high ceilings and spacious open layout, sets the stage for an unforgettable holiday celebration. The venue's standout features, including a large performance stage, state-of-the-art sound system, and immersive 1700 square feet of LED screen panels for custom branding and lighting, ensure that your corporate holiday party will be nothing short of spectacular. Nebula's central location and dynamic event space make it the perfect setting to create lasting memories during the holiday season in the heart of New York City.

Nebula nightclub in NYC with neon lights on the ceiling and gobo lights on the floor

4. Altman Building

Neighborhood: Chelsea
Capacity: 750

The Altman Building, steeped in history, is another fabulous choice to host a corporate holiday party. Originally established in 1896 as the carriage house for the renowned B. Altman and Company department store, it exudes timeless charm and sophistication. Today, this versatile private event space spans a sprawling 14,000 square feet across two floors, offering an abundance of space to accommodate even the grandest of gatherings.

Equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual capabilities, The Altman Building ensures that your event's presentations and entertainment are flawlessly executed. This fusion of historical significance and modern amenities makes The Altman Building an exceptional choice for a large corporate holiday party that seamlessly blends the past and present, promising an unforgettable celebration.

Altman Building bar set up with stacked champagne
Corporate Holiday Party 2022 at Altman Building

5. 74Wythe

Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Capacity: 400

Due to its impressive size, versatility, and array of interconnected spaces that can cater to diverse event needs, 74Wythe stands as an amazing choice to host a holiday gathering. With a generous total of 15,000 square feet spread across four interconnected areas, each with flexible layouts, 74Wythe offers boundless possibilities for customizing your celebration.

Whether you're planning an intimate gathering or a grand soirée, this venue can be rented separately or combined to accommodate up to 400 guests standing. The options include a main interior room featuring a Mezzanine and a furnished Greenroom, a chic hidden cocktail lounge with a glass ice display room, a private loft with an outdoor Courtyard, and a stunning 5,000 square foot Rooftop boasting a retractable glass enclosure on its main deck, ensuring year-round usability. This abundance of space and versatility makes 74Wythe the perfect canvas for creating an unforgettable corporate holiday party tailored to your company's unique style and vision.

6. Triangle Loft

Neighborhood: West Village
Capacity: 310

Triangle Loft emerges as an exceptional choice for hosting a large corporate holiday party, combining modernity with great Meatpacking views in a prime location. This newly renovated loft, doubling as a premier showroom and event space, is situated atop the iconic "Little Flatiron Building." Boasting an expansive 8,100 square feet of space adorned with exposed wood beams and drenched in abundant natural light, it provides a warm and inviting atmosphere for your celebration.

What sets Triangle Loft apart is its unmatched 360-degree views of the Meatpacking skyline, offering a stunning backdrop that's sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Located in the heart of the Meatpacking district, where culture and technology intersect, this venue enjoys proximity to industry giants like Instagram, Samsung, The Whitney, Apple, and Google, creating a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere that perfectly complements the spirit of a corporate holiday party. Triangle Loft truly encapsulates the essence of a modern and chic holiday celebration in an unbeatable location.

7. Brooklyn Bowl

Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Capacity: 900

Brooklyn Bowl offers an unparalleled fusion of entertainment, culinary excellence, and versatility — perfect for hosting a memorable company event. With a sprawling 23,000 square feet of space, this multi-dimensional venue redefines the destination event experience. It boasts a premier performance space that's perfect for hosting live entertainment and performances.

The inclusion of 16 bowling lanes adds an exciting element to any corporate gathering, providing a unique and interactive experience for guests. Renowned for its culinary offerings by Blue Ribbon, Brooklyn Bowl ensures that your party's gastronomic needs are met with excellence. Whether you're planning an intimate gathering, an elegant black-tie event, or a late-night celebration, Brooklyn Bowl's flexibility caters to a wide range of occasions, making it the ultimate combination of class and pure entertainment. From team bonding activities to holiday parties and everything in between, Brooklyn Bowl has earned its reputation as the go-to destination for unforgettable corporate events.

8. Tavern on the Green

Neighborhood: Central Park
Capacity: 500

Combining the essence of Central Park with the vibrant energy of New York City, Tavern on the Green stands as an exceptional choice for hosting a large corporate holiday party. With its hearty, rustic menu crafted from locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, the venue offers a warm and inviting gathering space that perfectly captures the festive spirit of the holiday season.

Originally designed by Calvert Vaux and built in 1870 to shelter the park's grazing sheep, Tavern on the Green has a rich history of serving a diverse clientele. From locals to presidents, royalty to artists, actors to first-time visitors, it has been a beloved establishment since 1934. The venue's unique blend of historical significance, culinary excellence, and a cozy atmosphere creates an ideal setting for a corporate holiday party that exudes both sophistication and the charm of Central Park, making it a memorable and delightful experience for all attendees.

Entrance to Tavern on the Green decorated in red and green for Christmas
Annual Corporate Holiday Party at Tavern on the Green

9. Stout Grand Central

Neighborhood: Murray Hil
Capacity: 400

Stout Grand Central, located in the heart of New York City, is an exceptional choice for hosting a holiday party when you want to be in the middle of all the action. Its prime location within the iconic Grand Central Terminal not only adds a touch of historic charm but also ensures easy accessibility for guests from all corners of the city and beyond. Stout's inviting and warm atmosphere, complete with rustic wooden furnishings and an extensive drink menu (featuring delicious stouts and craft beers!), sets the perfect stage for a festive celebration.

With its spacious layout and accommodating staff, this venue can comfortably host gatherings of various sizes, making it suitable for both intimate team gatherings and large corporate parties. Stout Grand Central offers a full buyout of the space — great for large company parties but also offers a more intimate space like their private dining room, which can seat up to 50 guests. Whether you're looking to enjoy hearty pub fare, engage in lively conversations, or simply revel in the joyous holiday spirit, Stout Grand Central promises an unforgettable setting for your seasonal festivities.

10. Wythe Hotel

Neighborhood: Brooklyn
Capacity: 225

Wythe Hotel and its many options makes the idea of an old-fashioned holiday party come to life. The building itself is 120 years old, but those views of the Manhattan skyline amidst all their beautifully updated features, makes Wythe Hotel a magical spot. You can almost feel the history  amongst their exposed brick walls and hardwood floors, as taper candles dot the long communal tables in the Main Hall. And don’t miss The Lofts on the 8th floor, an intimate space that leads to a rooftop terrace.

11. Maggie's Place

Neighborhood: Midtown
Capacity: 175

Maggie's Place, nestled in the heart of Midtown, emerges as a prime choice for hosting a corporate holiday party that seamlessly blends Irish hospitality with New York City charm. Since 1974, Maggie's Place has upheld a tradition of excellence as a family-owned and -operated Irish restaurant and cocktail bar, renowned for its delectable cuisine and expertly crafted drinks.

With the option for full buyouts accommodating up to 175 guests, this venue offers a spacious and inviting setting, ensuring that your event can comfortably accommodate a range of party sizes. Additionally, Maggie's Place boasts The Nook — a private space which can host up to 15 guests, perfect for intimate gatherings or smaller corporate celebrations. With its rich history, warm ambiance, and exceptional service, Maggie's Place promises to set the stage for a corporate holiday party that combines the best of Irish tradition with the vibrant energy of NYC.

12. Lightbox

Neighborhood: Midtown

If you’d like to see your corporate holiday party come alive with light projections and experiential events in an interactive, tech-enabled environment, then Lightbox is your place. A converted industrial garage in Midtown, Lightbox has thrown events  and dinners with some of the biggest corporate names in the country. Your holiday event would be given the full-service treatment, as there is an in-house digital and design team, a food and beverage team, and a production and planning team. When putting together your holiday party at Lightbox, you will have expert assistance every step of the way, but will get all the credit for pulling off one of the slickest, most memorable nights your company will ever experience. 

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13. The Independent

Neighborhood: Theater District
Capacity: 150

Situated in the bustling Theater District of New York City, The Independent emerges as a top-tier choice for hosting your upcoming holiday party. Its location, surrounded by the enchanting aura of Broadway, infuses a sense of theatrical magic into any gathering. With a capacity to accommodate up to 150 guests, it offers a spacious yet intimate setting where you can savor handcrafted cocktails, enjoy a selection of local beers, and indulge in a creatively curated menu.

If you're looking to host a smaller group for a casual holiday cocktail party, The Marquee space situated at the front of the venue is both casual and inviting. The Independent also offers full buyouts which are great for larger company parties. With its chic decor, a blend of modern and classic design elements, and a friendly, attentive staff, The Independent is primed to create lasting holiday memories in the heart of New York City.

14. Penthouse 45

Neighborhood: Midtown
Capacity: 100

Just as the name implies, Penthouse 45 will elevate your holiday event high above the Manhattan skyline. This open-concept venue has generous space, floor-to-ceiling windows, and even a wraparound terrace that provides sweeping views below. Light the restored fireplace to create a wintertime escape right in the heart of Manhattan. Penthouse 45 makes it easy on the event planner, too. There’s a long list of in-house audio/visual capabilities, tables, chairs, and other rentals to make all the coordination a breeze. 

15. American Cut

Neighborhood: Tribeca

If your holiday party this season begs for sophistication with a touch of nostalgia, look no further than the elegant American Cut. Chef Marc Forgione and LDV hospitality group creates an homage to the steakhouse of New York dining experience at this instantly classic spot in Tribeca. There’s always a full restaurant buy-out option, but American Cut also has other private dining options. The Morrison Room is the real star, with a private bar and dining room, complete with built-in audio/visual and an 80” projection screen. Happy holidays, indeed. 

16. Acme

Neighborhood: NoHo
Capacity: 120

If holiday cool is the vibe you are going after for your corporate event, Acme will have all the feels. Acme is definitely a mood, as their faded mirrors, deep banquets, brick walls with candlelit recesses, and wood flooring scream old-world New York. Their Downstairs is a former rock’n’roll club, and has been renovated into a bar, making it a perfect spot for a corporate holiday party. Your guests will enjoy the hearty American fare just as much as the unique locale. 

17. Aretsky's Patroon

Neighborhood: Midtown
Capacity: 80

Aretsky's Patroon is the perfect venue to host a large corporate holiday party, where the timeless charm of old New York converges seamlessly with 21st-century modernity. The very name "Patroon" harkens back to the old New York Dutch era, signifying a genteel landowner or gentleman. Housed in a historic building that has been a culinary destination since the 1950s, Patroon welcomes a sophisticated and convivial clientele today. Once the home of the beloved Christ Cella restaurant, which opened its doors in 1923 in the famed "Steak Row" area, this iconic Manhattan townhouse boasts three levels that cater to a business-casual crowd. Whether it's relaxed lunches, group celebrations, or rooftop cocktails, Patroon offers a diverse range of settings within its historic walls, creating the perfect backdrop for a large corporate holiday party that seamlessly blends old-world elegance with contemporary style.

18. Brooklyn Winery

Neighborhood: Brooklyn
Capacity: 325

The holidays are covered at Brooklyn Winery, a totally charming and sophisticated place to hold this year’s corporate party. It’s easy to set the wintertime tone here – there’s barn wood walls, hanging succulents, vintage décor, and even a 25-foot glass ceiling atrium. Just as the name implies, this is a fully functioning winery, so the wine pairing dinner comes highly recommended. Brooklyn Winery can also incorporate a hybrid of in-person and virtual elements, to ensure you toast the entire team, no matter from which part of the world they Zoom. And if you are planning a giveaway or gift at the end of the night, Brooklyn Winery has it built-in: present your staff with a bottle of wine, premium wine gifts, or a wine tasting kit. 

19. Rainbow Room

Neighborhood: Midtown
Capacity: 300

A holiday party at 30 Rockefeller Center? Yes, please. As classic New York as it comes, the Rainbow Room looms 65 stories above 30 Rock and has been hosting top-shelf events in NYC since 1934. Even more impressive than an invite from this classic address will be the level of service your guests will experience, as expectations for this venue are set at the highest level. The Manhattan skyline wraps around your guests, as they enjoy cuisine and hospitality from some of the best purveyors of events in the country.  

20. 501 Union

Neighborhood: Brooklyn
Capacity: 299

Your company can take over a former classic car restoration shop in Brooklyn for this year’s office party by booking 501 Union, a local favorite that really sets the tone. When combined, The Atrium and The Main Space provide 3,900 square feet of industrial-grade raw space. While the venue is yours to be customized, you get all the support you need baked right into your rental fee. There’s a pre-event support manager, a day-of event staff including an operations manager and host, and there’s even in-house rentals galore. Pick from a list of approved caterers and you are just one jingle away from a perfect night.

21.  The Water Club

Neighborhood: Kips Bay
Capacity: 225

Just because its wintertime, doesn’t mean the waterfront can’t be just a spectacular. The Water Club, situated perfectly on the East River, is a premier, classic event spot to host your organization’s holiday party. There’s three, glass-enclosed rooms, so the Manhattan skyline is everywhere you turn. And if your guests are able to bear December in Manhattan, there’s even The Crow’s Nest, an open-air rooftop. An added bonus you wouldn’t expect from a venue on the river? There’s easy drive up parking for drop off and valet, a genuine NYC rarity.

22. Pier Sixty

Neighborhood: Chelsea
Capacity: 2,000

Chelsea Piers is home to Pier Sixty, the largest waterfront venue on the island of Manhattan. No shortage of space here, as there’s 20,000 square feet of venue, primed to host a rollicking holiday bash, complete with all the tech capabilities, valet parking, audio/visual needs, and shuttle bus service offerings. This spot is ideal for larger crowds, and Pier Sixty will certainly give you all the full-service amenities you need to plan an unforgettable night.  

23. The Skylark

Neighborhood: Midtown
Capacity: 225

Floating 30 stories above Bryant Park is The Skylark, a rooftop lounge and event space just begging to be the spot for your holiday party this season. The Skylark strikes that perfect balance between comfort and style with floor-to-ceiling windows and plush furniture. There are several event rooms – add them together for your company to enjoy the run of the place. The Skylark Room and Roof Deck are charming on their own, but add the Living Room and Pool Room (complete with the felt!) and now you have yourself a swanky holiday party. 

24. Chef's Dinner Table

Neighborhood: Little Italy
Capacity: 40

Not all holiday party venues need to accommodate large and boisterous crowds. If you're looking to host a gathering for a small team or department, head down to Little Italy and make yourself at home at Chef's Dinner Table. The space includes a welcoming lounge, an open kitchen and bar, and a bright yet cozy dining space. Host up to 26 for a seated dinner or 40 for a cocktail reception.

Why Finding the Right Venue For Your Event Is So Important

If the movies have taught us anything, New York is the perfect spot to host an event — especially your company’s holiday gathering. From the skaters swirling at The Rink in Rockefeller Center to the holiday windows decked out at Macy’s, New York sets the stage as the definitive holiday city.

So you’ve already landed on the right town, now the venue you select has to reflect the same vibe. Be sure to choose a spot that has plenty of room for the crowd you plan on hosting. Also be certain the spot has the right space for what your party wants to accomplish (example: if you are planning on having a dance floor, can your room accommodate?). The right spot not only will toast the previous year’s hard work, this event will motivate and elevate employees for the year ahead.

The Top Things to Consider When Booking a Venue for A Corporate Holiday Event

It might have been a while since your company has hosted the big, corporate holiday party. Whether your company’s employees are all remote, work in a hybrid situation, or are at HQ each day, there’s a few things to think about when planning your holiday event this season: 

Budget: Determine your budget early in the planning process to narrow down venue options and allocate funds appropriately for other event elements.

Capacity: Ensure the venue can comfortably accommodate your expected number of guests, and consider potential fluctuations in attendance.

Amenities and Services: Check if the venue offers essential amenities such as audiovisual equipment, catering services, a dance floor, and a bar, depending on your party's requirements.

Decor and Ambiance: Assess the venue's decor and ambiance to see if it complements your party's theme or if it can be easily customized to suit your needs.

Accessibility and Parking: Confirm whether the venue has convenient parking options or is close to public transportation for ease of access. Will you have out of town employees that will need a place to park, or will everyone be taking public transportation?

Entertainment: Consider whether the venue can accommodate your entertainment needs, such as live music, DJs, or other forms of entertainment.

Flexibility: Inquire about the venue's policies regarding setup and teardown times, as well as any restrictions on decorations or outside vendors.

Plus Ones. Naturally you will be inviting your employees, but be certain to account for each person and their date.

Dietary Needs. Be sure to have a full sweep of any allergies or dietary needs of your crowd and their guests – that’s just good planning. 

Find the Best Corporate Holiday Event Venues in NYC 

Whether you opt for the bustling streets of Times Square, the historic charm of Lower Manhattan, or the elegant settings of Midtown, the city's diverse range of venues offers a stage to match your unique vision. By considering the essential factors and choosing a venue that aligns with your goals, you pave the way for a successful and unforgettable event.

With the backdrop of New York City, you will surely leave a lasting impression on guests and stakeholders, creating moments of connection and inspiration that are uniquely tailored to the energy and spirit of the Big Apple. It might feel early, but getting a jump on your company’s holiday party now will save time and stress down the road. Allow The Vendry to help you plan by searching venues, comparing pricing, and requesting proposals right on the spot. Happy Holidays!

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