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Michele Laufik

Everything that You Should Know About CES - 15 Things to Do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a city with seemingly endless possibilities. And when the CES tech event comes to town, you need to make the most of your visit!

Noom’s Strategic Events Manager Victoria Gutowski on the Importance of Utilizing Your Network

New York-based Victoria Gutowski is the strategic events manager at consumer-led digital health company Noom, where she executes, on average, 20 events annually, having started at the company in...

8 Core Promotion Ideas For Your Next Marketing Event

Event marketing can be a challenge for organizers. We’ve rounded up the best ways to promote your next marketing event.

Rakuten’s VP of Events Sara Gorlick on Her Love of Storytelling and Bringing People Together

Sara Gorlick is the Vice President of Events at Rakuten. Learn about her career journey and what her secret sauce is to creating an event.

10 Event Trends To Expect During This Fall’s Fundraising Season

From galas to charity benefits, learn how to elevate your event. Maximize your fundraising efforts with these 10 fundraising event trends.

15 Corporate Holiday Party Entertainment Ideas for 2021 and Beyond

In a party planning rut and need inspiration? Here are 15 corporate holiday party entertainment ideas to make your party more fun & engaging. Learn more!

How to Plan an In-Person Offsite or Corporate Retreat Right Now

As companies slowly transition into their new realities many employers are looking to safely gather the troops again. Learn what hospitality pros advise when planning for a safe in-person gathering of your team at a company offsite or corporate retreat.

How Will NFTs Impact Events? Industry Pros Weigh In

NFTs (short for non-fungible tokens) are artworks that only exist in the digital realm. They are the latest internet craze that everyone is trying to cash in on. But can NFTs play a role within the events industry? We asked some pros for their thoughts on the new fad and the impact NFTs might have on future events.

7 Ways to Make Your Next Virtual Event More Accessible

Just as the events industry has adapted to the rise in virtual, so too has the disability community, introducing creative, innovative solutions that make digital events accessible and engaging for all.

What to Ask When Choosing a Virtual Event Platform

Choosing the right virtual event platform for your event can be daunting. We asked LeeAnn Lo of creative experience agency RED VELVET what the important questions are to consider when picking a platform.

5 Ways to Leverage Video Before, During, and After Virtual Events

Learn tips for how to better leverage video in every aspect of your virtual events from the pros behind the video content creation tool PlayPlay.

How to Plan a Successful Virtual Sales Kickoff Meeting

Keep attendees engaged during a virtual meeting and rethink how to present in-person training for an online event.

Virtual Cheese Tasting: Recommendations and Tips For Hosting

Whether you’re looking for ideas for a virtual holiday party or simply want to gather your team for a yummy group activity, consider organizing a virtual cheese tasting.

What will events look like in 2021? Industry pros share their top 10 predictions for next year and beyond

The events industry has undergone unprecedented change this year. We asked industry experts for 10 predictions on what to expect for events in 2021 and beyond.

How to Host a Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Is your team tired of boring Zoom calls? This easy activity is a no-fuss addition to any type of informal get-together and offers a low-stakes way for colleagues to compete and bond.

Can’t Touch This: Get Inspired by These Creative Contactless Activations

Contactless activations are part of the new normal for the events industry. These examples show that with some creativity and a little help from technology, you can still create an engaging, entertaining, and cool activation.

50 Corporate Gift Ideas That Can Be Customized

These corporate gift ideas will help you find the perfect custom and personalized gifts for your employees and clients this holiday season that they will actually want to use.

Professional Development Resources for Event Pros

These resources and classes offer opportunities for event pros to develop their skills and adapt to the rapidly changing industry.
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